Mercedes E 200 NGT BlueEfficiency

Mercedes Benz launched the superior variant, the E 200 NGT BlueEfficiency sedan that most gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG) or so-called bi-fuel. In addition to environmentally friendly because fuel efficient and low CO2 emissions, this variant also claimed to have super power.

This sedan using a machine equipped with a compressor and supercharger technology that has been modified.

Engine also uses a special injector under the intake manifold that enables the engine to consume two types of fuel

However, make no mistake. gasoline and gas fuel is not mixed in one tank but in a different tank. Special tank or gas tube, there are four in number two was placed under the car deck on the bottom and two behind the back seat.

The gasoline tank was placed in a place like most other sedans. Operation of fuel use (whether gasoline or gas, and turns in between) the driver simply operates the fuel choice.)

The engine produces power up to 120 kilo watt (kW). Acceleration capabilities on the average, ie from rest to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour (kpj) in just 10.4 seconds. Fuel consumption when using gasoline reaches 12.89 kilometers per liter.

When using gas fuel, fuel consumption could be saved again to 10 percent, and lower CO2 emissions 20 percent.


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